Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yet another [little] house project

I remember my dad saying something along the lines of "the list of house projects never shrinks, it just gets longer." I don't think I really cared as a teenager as long as I could hang out with my pals. Now that I own a house I realize just how true that statement is. The funny part comes with the mixed emotions. There is a certain joy that comes from transforming just a house that someone else built into your house.

My DIY's aren't all that great and I will probably never be the blog you run to when your friend mentions a project but I love showing my before and after pics. Maybe it's a little validation that I have some talent, if not very much.

So the latest little project was the downstairs bathroom mirror. The previous owner had hung (and left I might add) a gold and black, somewhat ornate mirror. It wasn't terrible but not really my taste. I'd bought the spray paint like 3 months ago and just haven't gotten around to taking it down.

I should have gotten a shot in it's natural habitat but didn't think of the before picture until after I had taped it up. Alas, you get to see the carpet...maybe I can use this as the before picture for that as well when we can afford to rip it out and replace it...see two birds, one stone.

I love it. I'm sure in a year I'll want to paint it a different color but for now it looks fantastic in the bathroom with my green and cream fabric shower curtain. I told you this week would be filled with bliss:)
People have such different tastes on frames...what do you think?

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tHe StAiLeYs said...

It looks great Bailee!