Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blog? What's that??

I totally feel like I've neglected my blog. Between the end of the semester, holidays, job shifting and a broken (or dead) camera, blogging has been nicely placed on the bottom of my to do list.

Since I've finished off school I guess I'll try to update cyber space on our happenings.

Other than a really fun November (including a Thanksgiving trip to Sin City) and the best 4 year anniversary a girl could ask for (I know you are so shocked we've made it 4 years but what can I say, I married a stud:), things have been a little mellow at our house. I've been slowly making the transition to stay-at-home mommy-hood and LOVE it. My last day at work will most likely be Wednesday of next week and I'll officially be home. To help with the lost income, I have started watching two sweet kiddos. Canyon thinks this is the BEST arrangement ever, friends to play with every single day. This morning the first words out of his mouth were "Are my friends here yet?" He was a little disappointed that they weren't due to arrive for another thirty minutes but was happy to get the toys ready for them.

Christmas time has been utterly marvelous this year. C finally understands what's going on and is always singing Christmas carols, talking about Santa and Baby Jesus, and asking when he can open the gifts under the tree.

We've gotten better at FaceTiming my family often and I keep screen shooting some serious gems. Canyon is so lucky to have such fun grandparents. In case you didn't see them when I posted them on Instagram and Facebook  I'll include them. Maybe to make my mom that much more furious at me or maybe so you can see how much we wish we were near them all the time, you can decide:)

I love both of those faces oh so much, don't you? And doesn't that mother of mine look fantastic? I wouldn't guess she's a grandma if I wasn't the mother of her grandson.

We love you all and hope you are enjoying your holidays. I think I shall post more often, just to give you some light reading of course.

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