Friday, December 21, 2012

Temple Lights and Trains

I'd like to say that I'm on top of things. I'm not. So when Zach and I were on our awesome anniversary getaway we decided to check the Disney store for the last gift we needed to get for Canyon. They had it but we didn't want to have to lug it around for the rest of the night so we decided to buy it later at the Disney store closer to home.

Fast forward a few days, they didn't have it. I called the one in Salt Lake and they were all sold out too. Darn. Then we decided on a different gift and the only store that had one in stock was in Salt Lake. Phew.

We headed up to the "big city" as Canyon would have put it. City Creek Center was packed but oh so beautiful. I'm excited to say we decided to make a night of the trip. After picking up the mystery Christmas gift (which I was able to keep miraculously hidden from C all night long despite it's large girth) we had a little dinner in the food court and walked to Temple Square. Canyon LOVED all the lights but the funny thing is he loved the water features even more. Guess the little man might follow in his daddy's footsteps and design water parks.

(poor quality but look at his face! I love it!!)

While we were walking around Canyon spotted the TRAX trains. If you know my son you know he has a slight obsession with that form of transportation. We were walking back to our car and we had to cross in a crosswalk that led us right over the tracks. C was up on Zach's shoulders and sweetly said, "Dad, Can we please please please ride the train? Please please please?" Now how do you say no to such a sweet request. We bought two tickets (My school ID get's me on free) and rode the train for a while. That little boy was in heaven. I don't know if I'll ever see him happier than he was during that train ride.

(the only reason he's not smiling like a crazy man right here is because he's not thrilled that I want him to look at the camera when all he really wants to do is look out the window as the train flies by all the cars and buildings:)

I love date night with my boys. Let's just see how Christmas morning goes:) I think it'll be a Christmas to remember.

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