Thursday, February 14, 2013

Extra! Extra!

It's been a while. I always put off blogging because 'nothing exciting has happened' and then I start to think about it and all sorts of things are happening.

After two weeks in Sunbeams I was released (seriously that bad:) and put into the new primary presidency. Zach got called to be a Scout leader and wore his old scout uniform the other night and I might have made fun of him a little bit....Not because scouting is silly or anything, I just have never seen him wear it and it reminds me of the boys I chased when I was 12.

Canyon is transforming into my stubborn 3 year old. I remember last year I mentioned that Canyon hadn't ever really hit the terrible twos and a friend said just wait. She explained that boys often hit that stage at the ripe old age of 3. She called it. We have fun and he's a good kid but boy do we work through a lot of crying and fits....hopefully it doesn't last too long.

My in home daycare is doing very well. The last two weeks I've averaged 4 three year olds and a 7 month for the majority of every day. We have hard days but for the most part we all have a blast.

Not much else is happening here at the Hawkins' home except maybe a little of this...

Don't worry, I don't let the kids climb up here. After the kids went home today I took a bathroom break and came back to my little climber:)

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Jamie Hays said...

Boy, you are brave to be running a day care! I sometimes wish I were that ambitious... but I am not. Sounds fun! I like your blog header. You all look so cute!