Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The big 4!

 You hear it every time a little one has a birthday but this year I really really feel it. I can't believe he's 4. It's just so....BIG. After the last three parties I've thrown for the little dude, we decided to keep it a little more low key this year. Grandma and Grandpa Russell came and brought one of Canyon's favorites, Bethanie!

Saturday (the day before the actual DAY) we rode the train to Salt Lake. Canyon has asked almost every day for the last year if we could go on a train ride so it seemed fitting. It was so adorable to see them running to get on the train.

As expected, Canyon LOVED the train. He was in absolute awe the whole time. He of course left some time for some silly selfies with Aunt Bea (and my mom couldn't help but photo-bomb them). The train had several stops and each time Canyon started to get up with a sad face ready to get off. He was so excited when we'd tell him it wasn't time yet.

I was totally impressed by the train. It was so clean and quiet and not at all what I expected. I'd love to use it more often. If only they had it extended down to Spanish Fork so we could use it for our commute.

 In Salt lake we walked to the Gateway Mall and took the kids to Discovery Gateway. It's a fun little children's museum and it kept the two busy for a few hours. We had taken a ton more pictures but nearly none of them turned out. Canyon was in heaven. After the museum we stopped to get some Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory goodies (which were subsequently dropped at the train station....sad day) and walked back to the train. Back in Provo we decided to go get some of Canyon's favorite food....PIZZA.

Sunday was C's actually birthday. We baked a cake and just had an all around fun, quiet day. He was so excited for the cake, but when I started to cut him a piece he got all upset and said, "No mom, I want to eat it like this," and dipped his finger into the frosting. After cutting everyone else a slice that's how C ate the rest of the cake. It's his day you know?

I am so excited for my little man. I love him and I love watching him grow and learn new things. His favorite new words are "strange" and "interesting" and he loves loves loves to talk. Apparently he got that from me... He talks to me daily about having a "baby boy and a baby girl" in our family and can't wait for the day he can share his toys with another little one. I'm one lucky mama.

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