Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Canyon Man

The first few months of 4 were rough. It happens every year. For some reason he's wired to retest all the boundaries in new and exciting trying ways.

Well, the spell has finally lifted and we are left with the smart, witty and somewhat hilarious little boy we know and love.

Four is my new favorite, C says things that I just can't believe. I shared one on Facebook the other day about me asking him if he'd like to go for a walk and instead of his normal jump for joy, insisted we 'close our eyes and imagine we're going for a walk'.

Last night at dinner, we were eating shrimp scampi. At first he called the oregano that was visibly on the shrimp grass. I corrected him and told him it was oregano, an herb we use to season our food. He then proceeded to say, "Mom, but I don't like FERBS!" Herbs, ferbs.....same thing right?

He's also asking TONS of questions. Mostly questions about words he hasn't heard before and such but my two favorite were today. One was where his voice came from. So we had a little anatomy lesson on how we make noise. Later on he got some water down the wrong pipe, when I asked if that was what happened he asked if the wrong pipe was on the left or the right. So another anatomy lesson ensued, where we discussed the trachea, esophagus and where they lead and the purposes they serve. What a kid.

I'm one lucky momma.

Excuse the runny nose, we've had some serious allergies at our house. 

Oh and I know ya'll are waiting, don't you fret, I'll update you soon.

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The Hones said...

Love that kid! 4 yrs old is a pretty fun age I would have to agree!