Sunday, February 28, 2010


I apologize to those of you who were on the edge of your seats waiting for pictures. To make a long, fairly unpleasant story short, my dear laptop was out of commission for a few dark and dreary days. Now that the explanation is over let's see that BABY!

This is our nightly ritual. We had some hard times with Canyon sleeping on his back and after hearing about so many new parents who use the carseat in the first few months...we had to try it. Let's just say it has worked MIRACLES! I have to admit I die everytime I put him to bed...doesn't he look so dang cute?!?


tammy lu said...

He is the cutest thing ever! Thanks for the tip about the car seat!

Heather Jones said...

That is where Tyler slept for the first 4 month of his life or so. His sleeping time nearly doubled!

Bailee, he is absolutely adorable!!!Can't wait to see him this weekend!

Akina's said...

he is just getting so big!!! ah i just want to see this precious boy!!