Friday, September 24, 2010

Mom, don't judge...

My sister and I share this problematic infatuation with the species. Greg and Dione Russell will most likely be facing the same things with her as they did with me in
a few short years. They say the second time around is a little easier...

A little history...

My first pup was Jasmine. She was a purebred boxer that was given to us from a family friend. Jaz was an Alpha female that dragged me through many a yard. We put her down my junior year of high school. Still a little sensitive when it comes to that big lapdog...wish she had had a couple more years with us.

There was TJ. Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. A gianormous rescue that my parents begged me to give to a family with a bigger yard.

Libby was the last of my "childhood" hounds. She's still kickin' it in Flag, fiesty and sweet, as usual.

The May after Zach and I were married, Bruce joined our family. It was tough being pregnant and training a puppy but we did it. I didn't realize this till this morning but he's not much of a puppy anymore. I can trust him with just about anything (except maybe an extremely tempting abandoned pacifier:).

This is the part my mom is going to just die. No judging.

On Wednesday I brought home Bella. She's beautiful. 10 weeks old and meant to reach about 50 lbs. I felt like Bruce needed a pal...and really how much more work could the second one be? A LOT! Within 5 hours I realized the magnitude of my mistake. Maybe if I had brought home one that was potty trained. Anyway I set to work trying my hardest to make it all ok. Honestly, it was probably the stupidest moment of my entire life. Go me.
Meet Bella, I'm not kidding, this is her. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!?

The stress was a little much and early this morning I decided that one very large black dog was enough for our little family for now. I found Bella a great couple that will be able to give her the attention and SPACE she needs. I can't help but cry. 48 hours and I fell in love with her sweet face and her cuddly nature.

I think having a child made my attachment to little ones that much stronger. I don't want her to go but I sure can't chew what I've bitten off.

Here's to living and learning.

PS I'm excited to take on a new puppy as soon as we have a house...a yard and a son that isn't so young:) For now I'll enjoy my three boys:)


tammy lu said...

You and Mindy make me laugh! I am glad you found her a nice home. Maybe in a couple of years, Canyon can get a new pal.

PS this is why I like cats. You throw them in the litter box once and they are potty trained!

The Russell 4 said...

Oh Boy, don't forget all the neighborhood dogs you would bring to the house as a temporary stop while you tried to return them to their homes safely.

Now I have a soft spot/weakness for dogs too. I just know when enough is enough.

Janine said...

Oh, Bailee! I'm that way with cats. I'm not allowed to go to Wal-mart anymore because I'd sneak those stinking "free kittens" into our no-pets apartment. The desire to save every stray cat hasn't ended with having a baby. I thought it would! Love ya!

Brooke said...

I have the same problem. I have tried 3 times to get a puppy. And every time I get one, I find out I am pregnant and end up barfing my brain out for nine months, so have no time to train a puppy.

AND on top of that I became allergic after having my own babies. Lame huh? No we will have to look at froo froo dogs when the time comes :)

Danica said...

That puppy was cute (and I'm not a dog person)!