Wednesday, September 29, 2010


ever feel like you'd like to update your blog but have nothing to write about? too.

I've been reading a ton lately. On average about a book a day.
Here are the latest. Some I like more than others but I haven't really hated any of them.
City of Bones
Tuesdays with Morrie (again...for the 25th time)
The Sunflower
The last Promise
A Perfect Day
Last Song
Charlie St. Cloud
The Help
5 people you meet in Heaven
The Book Thief
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

There are other's I'm sure but I can't remember them at the moment...

I'm excited to start school again. It'll be stressful but I miss the learning.
I'm sure I'll change my mind when the semester starts...

On a more exciting and intriguing note...
We're going to DISNEYLAND!

The trip has been planned for a while but it's getting close and we're getting excited.

October 14-16

Woop Woop:)

Oh and the munchkin started walking while holding our hands...where does the time go?

Anywho...catch ya when I have more to say.

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