Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Utah County

I've enjoyed being your resident, I really have. I love that over the years I've learned the back roads and easy ways to get to my destination. Which brings me to this month's beef. You have torn up the only road out of our neighborhood. That same road was my way to work when the freeway was busy. Well, they both are a mess and I spend more than 2 hours a day waiting. I kindly ask why? Why would you close up the freeway AND it's frontage road? Do you realize that you have made "Utah Drivers" that much worse? If you thought we were in a hurry before you've created a whole new rushing monster. An invoice has been sent detailing the time and effort I have spent in the traffic created by your misjudgment and what that will cost you. I hope we can clear this up soon.

ok ok, just a little bit of the pent up disgust I have for the construction near our house lately but seriously. The once never late girl is now cutting it close for everything! Anyone else having issues?


Stacey said...

seriously one of the reasons I left UT county! Things are a little clearer up north a little

Jo said...

You will get traffic every where you go! I am drive in it every day and it is NOT fun, so I try to make the most of it and listen to conference, the Book of Mormon or just think and pray out loud to my heaven Father of things that went on for the day or things I need His help for. Well I hope things get better for you! Happy driving

The Westovers said...

This really is why i'm so excited to get out!