Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I don't think I've ever gone a whole month without blogging! I'm glad to be back though. Things have been super busy around our house. I'm working full time for a little while to supplement Zach's part time income. He should be going full time in December and we can rearrange that a little bit.

October was a super fun month in our house, we especially loved Halloween. Zach and Canyon get to spend a lot of time together so this last month they did a lot of the Halloween preparations while mom was at work. They mostly scouted out what they wanted to dress up as and Canyon Loved the Halloween stores. I sure have a little boy on my hands.

After much deliberation here are our costumes for 2011.
Yup. Batman, Robin and the thief that stole their hearts:) I know cheesy:) I just wasn't up for tight leather boots. I was really surprised at how many people bought their costumes. I enjoyed my home made costumes growing up and always felt like they were so awesome. I loved making these this year but I'm afraid we looked like the rag muffins at the ward trunk or treat, oh well, I had fun making them and they were definitely in the budget.
Canyon found a new favorite thing this month, and no, not candy (although he really likes that too). Pumpkins. We carved ours a week or so and ever since C and the Jack'o'lantern have been attached at the hip. One morning Canyon fed the pumpkin M&M's for breakfast while he ate his cereal. I laughed that C didn't think of eating the M&M's were just for his pumpkin:)

Canyon loves to sit outside on the porch with the pumpkin, We couldn't get him to go back inside the night we took some pictures so we just kept taking shots!! Halloween is so fun with a little one.

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