Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Man who does bedtime well...

This is a little tribute to the man who is great at bedtime.

Two months ago, before I started working nights, I always put Canyon to bed. The first couple of days of my new night shift, Zach would let him stay up until I got home but that was exhausting for me. So, he stepped it up and things have never been better at bedtime.

Before: Sitting in Canyon's room for an hour waiting for him to fall asleep.
After: laying with C for about 15 minutes and leaving, asleep or not.

Before: Tip toeing across the room just hoping the door won't squeak on your way out.
After: A big kiss and walking to the door, turning and leaving.

Before: Hysterical screams if the door screeched.
After: a cute glance.

My hubby knows how to teach a little boy to fall asleep on his own.

When you start a family you always have a little fear of how each of you will do as parents. You look at how the other acts around kids at church or their cousins. Zach has exceeded every expectation. He is the best daddy. He has taught Canyon so much and I'm so glad I lucked out.

Ewe for the mush...I know. What can I say? He needs to know he's appreciated.

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Kevin and Jess said...

Loved this post Bai! I knew I loved Kevin before having a child, but watching him parent Cory takes my love for him to a whole new level. I too am thankful that my child has such a wonderful daddy. I hope C is feeling better soon!