Sunday, November 15, 2009

29 Weeks

Only eleven more weeks to go:) This past week has been pretty eventful. I was having a hard time sleeping at the beginning of the week...hence I didn't feel very good during the day. By Thursday I was doing much much better but that same afternoon we received some bad news. Zach's step dad David was hospitalized for a brain infection. We're still waiting on/for results but in the meantime, David is in the ICU. There were some improvements today so we're going to just keep on praying.

On a lighter note...we've finally started feeling little extremities belonging to our active little boy:) He seems to be a little more squished and so things seem to stick out. There was some sort of elbow, knee or heel sticking out the other night and it was such a fun thing to share with Zach. It's funny that he already seems to have such a personality. Man I can't wait to meet him!

This week we have a full week of work and school but a baby shower to look forward to. My mother in law, aunts and friends are throwing a baby shower on Saturday from 3-5. Everyone's invited just email me for more information:) It'll be fun to have both sides of family there and my friends...just wish my AZ family and friends could come too!! It'll be fun and embarrassing. I'm not so big on being the center of attention but I love chit chatting with all the people I sure do love!

Zach....oh Zach...He has been so great. He's been going on long walks with me and putting up with all my bad cooking (not to mention putting up with a bunch of other things that come along with pregnancy:) He's doing so well in school...I'm so proud of him. He also is working very hard and encouraging me with all my new projects that I've started. What a great man!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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tammy lu said...

I cannot believe that you really only have 11 weeks left! That is crazy! See you Saturday!