Wednesday, November 4, 2009

not your typical October 31st

So as hard as I tried to make Halloween fun this year, by Friday night I could tell it was falling apart. I had wanted to throw a little party with other couples so we could have fun dressing up, carving pumpkins and enjoying one another's company. By Friday afternoon everyone had backed out and I was left with just our sad little Halloween costumes. Zach could tell I was a tiny bit bummed out about our lack of fun plans on Halloween. Saturday morning he suggested we go to an art show in Park City. The artist uses only lego's to build his sculptures and it's absolutely amazing! We had such a good time admiring the art work as well as walking around main st. on a beautiful fall day. I can honestly say Zach made this year the best off the wall Halloween ever!

This was "Yellow". The dimension of this piece was absolutely amazing!

This is "Red" Zach and I had a lot of fun interpreting what or why the artist created the things he did and why. It really was interesting and boy howdy, when Zach is evaluating art he can be deep.

Beautiful sunflower....didn't think about this when we took the picture but man I shouldn't stand next to really thin things...:)

This is "blue". As I look back at the pictures I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite. At first glance one might be tempted to say that his arm fell off...but Zach made an interesting point...did it fall of or is he building himself. The more I think about it the more I love it. We all have a chance to build ourselves the way we want ourselves to be...are we trying or neglecting that task?

The exhibit is open until the 16th of November (I think) and I recommend it to everyone! It's in the Kimball center for the arts and you can look up all the info on their website!

Hope you had a fun Halloween!


tammy lu said...

Sorry about your party! The legos are awesome! The first thing I thought of when I saw "blue" was that he was building himself too. It's interesting. Maybe we will go!

Kristin said...

Wow SO cool!!! I really want to get up there and see it now! that sounds like a blast! [and you are such a cute pregnant lady. :) i love your belly!]