Thursday, November 12, 2009

People I love

Lately my emotions have been running a bit....WILD! I was watching an episode of Glee last night and I found a sweet message hidden behind all the humor. To make a long story short someone was affected by the life a down syndrome sister and in return made the life of one a little more normal by letting her cheer on the squad. Needless to say, I was in tears. It reminded me of the downs friends I have made over the years, not to mention family. I remembered how much I adore these people! They are so amazing.

This is my amazing uncle Joseph. He loves bowling, ketchup, hangers and Disney princesses(among many other things). Over the last year or so I've spent a little more time trying to communicate and build a relationship with Joseph. The moments with Jo I cherish most are captured in simple eye contact and a big smile.

This is a good friends little sister, Jana. Those of you who know Flagstaff, know Jana. Here she is holding my little sis Bea soon after my family brought her home. I can't imagine my life in Flag without Jana. Jana loves dress up and cheer leading (again...among so many other things).

Just a little emotional moment from the thoughts of Bailee...remember these people who have touched your life. Remember what they've taught you about life, love and happiness. Act on what you've learned and you're life will be that much more worth while!


The Russell 4 said...

Beautiful, Bailee. It is a lucky life indeed to be touch by these angels here on earth.

Kristin said...

:) Bailee this made my day. I love Jana and I absolutely loved that episode of Glee. I thought it was so perfect. Thanks for the pick-me-up and perspective fix. :)

Stephen said...

Bailee, you are an awesome as your birth family and extended family are awesome Thanks for your special love of Down Syndrome spirits!