Friday, April 8, 2011

Woot woot

Sickness may have raided our home these last few weeks but I feel we are coming out victorious!! I shall blog more now that my head and lungs are a little clearer. First order of business...the good...GREAT news.

Zach is graduating in December (hallelujah). Yes great news that you probably already knew. Well other good news would be that Zach got a job!!! Yes he already had a job but this one is a drafting job. Yay for work experience. It's only part time for the summer (yes on top of his already full time job and summer classes) but hopefully it'll turn into something more in the fall so he can quite the janitorial work (as much as he LOVES that). The new company you may ask? Cloward H20 . Head on over and look at all the amazing projects they've done. It's not a big company but they've done projects all over the world. I think Zach's dream is that they'll send him to Dubai and do more work out there (yes this is the company that got Zach on his Dubai kick).

They interviewed Zach last Tuesday (about a week and a half ago) and told him they'd let him know the beginning of the following week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Zach had to deal with me texting and asking if he'd heard yet. Wednesday I was trying to send Zach an emai from the laptop here at work and it just kept refreshing the page so I decided to check Zach's email to see if it had sent. When I opened his account I saw the words "Cloward H20 job offer" as a subject line and it had been sent not minutes before. I couldn't resist. I opened it on up and sure enough he had got the job. I was so excited I kept trying to call him while he was in class...I'm a terrible wife. He called me back a little later and told me they had called earlier and told him. Stinker for not telling me and letting me feel guilty for thinking I knew before he did:)

We are so excited. He'll be making a little more an hour than he is now and if he can get on full time in the fall things will really start looking good salary wise. At least compared to the normal starving student pay.

Excuse the long post but as you can tell we are ecstatic. I'm so glad to be back from the dead and writing again. I promise to keep things a little more up to date and exciting around here.


Danica said...

What great news! Congratulations!

The Halls said...

Congrats! I completely understand your excitement and you have the right to shout it from the roof tops!