Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh I love Easter

Happy Easter! What a wonderful day set aside to remember the living Christ! We sure do love the gospel and our Savior and enjoyed a small get together at our place in honor of the day. Friends and family came over for my first time EVER hosting an Easter dinner and boy howdy it turned out pretty good. It helped that C decided to show off his new skill (which up until today he has been saving for only right before bed). He walked around the living room clapping and smiling...pretty dang proud of himself. I love him! This age has brought a lot of fits but it's all worth it, especially when he does the most ADORABLE things. Sometimes I complain about the lack of estrogen in our house but I sure love the way things have panned out...I feel like it's a perfect balance for me. Good thing Heavenly father knows just what I need. And for your viewing pleasure a little of my studly little guy!

It would not be complete without a walking video!

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tHe StAiLeYs said...

So, I love that one of your labels is pure joy! That is exactly what I felt watching him do that! Way to go C! He is getting so big! I am glad Easter went well for you! It's exciting when you can host your own holidays! It's one of the things that I really enjoyed about being here, I get to do it all by myself!

Oh, and thanks for the advice and insight on forgiveness! It was truly appreciated!