Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have parented a late bloomer. Maybe not so much a late bloomer but a stubborn bloomer who likes to do things at his own pace...you got it...he's Zach's boy:)

Canyon has had an on-again-off-again relationship with the idea of walking. The kid cruises on anything and everything. He can go up and down stairs faster than you can say his name...but standing up by himself and taking the dreaded step...no thanks mom. I haven't been worried, just patiently waiting. At his [late] one year check up Dr. Clark made sure I knew that we shouldn't start worrying until 18months. So I just sit back and enjoy the [less] mobile times.

Last night Canyon stayed up a little later than usual enjoying dad's company for the first Monday night that I'm sure he can remember. He was crawlin around in just a diaper [the cutest]. Zach and I were watching a good ol' episode of Law and Order: Los Angeles when C decided to try something new. He was squatting next to his wipes and just stood up...no hand holds in sight. Since we were paying more attention to the cutie than the tube we didn't want to startle him by moving too much or getting too excited. Finally I said "YAY!" and he just smiled bigger and clapped his hands. What a hunk:) Before I could get the camera out he was down and done but ooo what a night. I'm keeping the camera on me at all times from now on just in case. He's getting big and I'm sure he'll be zooming before we can blink twice....
Remember when he was this little? I think he needs a sibling....;) Not any time soon of course.


Tammy said...

YAY!!! That is so exciting! He is growing way too fast! A friend of mine was telling me that her daughter was walking at 7 months... I got so disappointed! But then I realized that kids do things at their own pace and we shouldn't rush them! I am kind of scared for Jack to walk because I know he will not walk, he will run! I cannot wait to see Canyon take off! Take lots of pictures!

Janine said...

So exciting! I can't believe how stinkin' fast he's growing up. I love the shot from your last post of Canyon in the tub. He still has adorable rolls of fat.

Go, C! Walk, baby, walk!

The Summers said...

He is adorable!!!! We need to hangout once school is done with:) Hope all your classes are treating you well:)