Monday, August 20, 2012

Peach Trees

We have quite a bit of space in our backyard and decided a long time ago we wanted to plant some fruit trees near the fence. We have both felt the pull to be a little more self sustainable with the garden and the fruit trees just added to the idea.

Zach found a great deal on fruit trees at Vineyard Garden Center in Orem that we just could'nt pass up. We've definitely fallen in love with this nursery. Everyone was so eager to help us as we embark on a new growing journey and they tried hard to make sure we had what we needed to succeed.

Canyon loved the animals. They had a lazy kitten, guinea pigs and a bunny just a hoppin around. Canyon especially loved the "piggies". On our way out he told them to 'come on home' with him.

I wish I would've gotten a picture of the ride home. Have you ever seen someone fit 3 five foot trees into a civic? We did. I still vote we get an SUV but I think Zach is enjoying testing the carrying capacity of our little cars (I think a post on the crazy things we've hauled in/on our civic is in order).

Digging the holes was the worst most rewarding part. By rewarding I mean we got a lot out of it including sore muscles, blisters and lots and lots of sweat. Meanwhile Canyon played in the kiddie pool. That was rewarding as well, he gleaned two bee stings by the end of the day:(

Canyon was pretty cuddly after the stings so he sat with me while Zach finished planting the trees.

Can you guess what he's saying? Yup...'CHEEESE!"

Another 'cheese' smile.

Canyon and I decided to name the trees. We thought they looked like the tree version of the chipmunks so here they are; Alvin, Theodore and Simon. Three new members of our family. 

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