Monday, August 20, 2012

A little vacation time

Going full time in school during the summer doesn't really lend one to much vacation time. We decided after finals we'd take a drive down and spend some time with my family in Flagstaff. Zach hasn't really ever been to Flag in the summer and I really wanted him to see how truly amazing the place is. We loaded down our little civic with bikes and all and headed down late Thursday night. 

Friday morning Grandma and Grandpa Clement came down to see their great grandbaby:) The boys took the boys to Peter Piper while Mom, Grandma and I went to Little Thai Kitchen (an absolute favorite of mine). It was Grandma's first time and she liked it! YES! We decided a day with Grandma wouldn't be complete without a trip digging through the racks at Ross. It's amazing how much better Ross is outside of Utah:) We found some pretty great things and really just enjoyed the time together. 

My cousin Brody came with the Gilbert clan and had fun with the B girl and C. 

 I think we ate more frozen lemonade popsicles that weekend than an army of kids could've. 

We hit the Flagstaff Urban trail system almost every night. The kiddos partied in the bike trailer while gramps sweated up the hills:)

 Yeah, we're rule breakers, what can we say?

We rode to the airport. They were getting this little guy ready for flight and Canyon was SO mad that we could go over and get on. He threw quite the two year old fit:)

The Sunset in Flagstaff had me trying to convince Zach to move, no such luck.

We played quite a bit of Settlers. We're a little too competitive for our own good, or at least I am.

 Canyon loved Bethanie's balance bike. We could hardly get him off it.

Just before we headed back home the kiddos hopped back on the bikes. It's always hard to leave. We have such a good time and enjoy their company so much we wish they were so much closer.

Canyon refused to say goodbye. I'm pretty sure he thought that if he didn't say goodbye we wouldn't leave. He asked for grandpa all the way home and still brings him up everyday. 

I love road trips with my boys. Canyon was quite the angel there and back and I enjoyed the long conversations with Zach. If only gas wasn't so pricey:)

Thanks to mi familia for being so hospitable and letting us crash with them. Someday it'll happen more often:)

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