Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We finally checked off two of the items on our fall bucket list! My class was canceled Monday night so we decided to hit the local 'pick your own pumpkin' patch. Not only did they have a large pumpkin patch but they had a free hay ride, corn box, hay maze and petting zoo. We picked pumpkins first. Canyon was very picky on which pumpkin he wanted. Not only was he picky but he changed his mind frequently. It was so fun to watch him pick one. 
We ended up with two big pumpkins and two little ones. I was surprised how cheap they were. I thought for sure we'd have to pay for the "experience" of picking your own pumpkin but alas we walked away only $9 poorer. 
Canyon has not stopped talking about the hay ride. It was just a little short one but he loved looking at the animals and watching the tractor that pulled the trailer. 

This fall has been so much fun. Canyon and I just can't wait to gut these 'kins and give them some good ol' smirks. We'll definitely go back to the Harward farms patch again before the end of the season, for the hay ride of course:)

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Janine said...

So fun! I've been debating taking Sammy to a pumpkin patch. I wasn't certain he'd enjoy it, but after seeing your cute pictures I HAVE to try it!

Happy (almost) Halloween :)