Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Running Routine

I don't think I even knew this about myself until recently but the fact is, I hate routines. Zach pointed it out the other day and it's true. I cannot stick to a routine if my life depended on it.

Well, there is one routine that I'd like to stick to, really I need to. Exercise. So Zach challenged me to start running 4 times a week (at least) along with other plyometric exercises. We both know that I feel better when I exercise but I get so busy and workin out is the first thing that goes. Well today is day 2 of the routine. I'm happy to say I think I can keep this up. I totally need your support. I'm only really writing about it to keep me in check.

Thanks to everyone who helps me get into my routines:)

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Akina's said...

I just starting running last week with some friends three nights a week! it's amazing how much mental clarity come when you excersise! keep it up bai!