Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So I know the blog has been a little droll lately. I'm sorry. Things are busy and, to be honest, not all that exciting for all ya'll. I'm loving our sweet simple life but nothing monumental has happened just yet.

I did want to update in relation to my last post about a running routine.

I have this really really awesome husband who has been helping me stay motivated. We've started this journey together and he has been the best running buddy, ever! (sorry mom)

Last night we ran 4.25 miles in less than 35 minutes. I know it's not impressive but it felt great. I've been able to run consistently and at least 4 times a week. This girl is becoming a routine runner!

Thanks for the support. I know this is all so silly but I'm very excited to be moving in a self improvement direction. There are such good things to come.

I hope all is well. October is the best month. No not my birthday month but it's just gorgeous. I can't help but be so grateful for my life every October. Weird, I know. And to leave you with a laugh (and a little truth)....

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Mercedes said...

Way to go Bailee!!! Running just does something for the soul. That is so great to be getting into a routine! Keep it up, and props to your hubbs! It is so helpful when they can keep you motivated :)