Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bumps and Music

Friday was the day I was expecting a phone call from the office updating me on my embryos and giving me the instructions for the the transfer. I waited all day, never letting my phone out of sight. 

Finally it came time for Zach and I to drive up to Salt Lake to go to a concert (don't worry I took it easy) that we had purchased tickets for months ago. We drove up to UVU to drop C off with his grandma and the phone rang. 4:55pm. Last minute. The nurse informed me that only 2 of the 26 embryos were in the normal development range and the rest were VERY far behind. They weren't expecting the others to make it. The two that were our now lead embryos weren't all that great either but good enough to wait and do a day 5 blastocyst transfer. 

I was a little devastated. We drove to Salt Lake quietly, Zach holding my hand as I mulled over what it all meant. We ate a little dinner and I decided I didn't want to ruin the night and pushed it aside. 

The concert, Wakey! Wakey!, was held at this little place called Kilby Court. Seriously tiny. I think there were maybe 30 people in attendance. It was amazing. I got to sit and listen to amazing music without all the pushing and shoving. The opener, Casey Shea, was amazing and his first song was about someone he loved but couldn't have, let me tell you I balled my eyes out. There is a little one waiting for us and I just didn't understand at that moment why it had to be so hard. 

After my hysterical break down things just felt better. I was at peace. I still didn't love what was happening with our little embryos but it was all going to be okay. 

Jallette Johnson preformed next, and was awesome. I had never heard of her but I think I'll download some of her music. 

And then there's Wakey! Wakey! They were amazing. I'm not kidding. No amount of disappointment could keep me from enjoying the atmosphere and the music. 

We drove home with higher spirits and a resolve to be okay with whatever happened.

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