Monday, March 31, 2014

Me time

Right now I'm spending time resting up and keeping these two little embryos safe. You'd think that watching seasons of Friends while learning how to knit and having endless time to waste on Pinterest would be heavenly, but it's not.

I'm not made for this. I'm made to be cleaning, organizing, creating and being active. I went downstairs today to stretch the legs and warm up my heating pad (cold feet) and I could see dust and dog hair on the floor... I really really wanted to just sweep. 

But these to little ones are my future. The sweeping, dusting and scouring can wait till next week, now it's all about keeping them cozy. 

So I have big plans for the coming weekend that include finishing Canyon's baseball quilt, organizing the office and going for a walk. 


Akina's said...

i wish i was closer to sweep for you :) we are praying for your little ones my dear

Danica said...

Had to see the updates before falling into bed. Thank you for sharing. Love you Bailee! Keep taking it easy!

Michelle and Nick said...

I'll go walking with you!