Thursday, March 6, 2014


I've been working with a nursing program for about and year and a half. I was completely qualified to start their program in February of 2013 but finances were tight and we weren't sure it was the right time (is it ever the right time to go back to school?). My amazing job at the hospital offers tuition reimbursement so we've decided that it's totally a possibility. I was all lined up to start March 1st when I found out I had missed a hoop.

In October of 2012, they had waived the need for a public speaking class since I already had a degree. Turns out they changed that 4 months ago but forgot to let students who had already applied know. Searching for quick ways to get out of it (hey I took a COMM class called mediation and I'm a court registered mediator, can that count??) and my only feesible option was to take a DSST exam to test out of it. Guess what? The closest testing center that offers it, a whoppin 2 hours and 9 minutes away. Yeah. Great. 

Today was the day. I've been studying for a month and a half and I'll admit I was STRESSED. I mean add an exam and a long drive to my 4 in a row work week, relief society brunch I need to plan and starting IVF and you've got yourself a basket case. 

My amazing aunt agreed to watch my little man so I could set out to jump through the "hoop". 

I made good time, until switching from I-15 to a smaller (but still divided-2 lanes on each side) highway. I hadn't seen a posted speed limit and assumed it was 65mph. I was going 5 over...pretty standard right? Wrong... It went a little like this...

Turns out I was actually going 10mph over the limit. The officer was SO kind and hurried to give me my ticket so I could make my test... 

The test went fantastic. My over studying really paid off and the questions were much simpler than I had imagined. I sure love the free resources on the internet. I really couldn't have done it with out high speed internet. 

I shouldn't get too arrogant, official results won't come for 3-6 weeks but I feel great about it all. 

Thank heavens this was the last nursing hoop I have to jump through before the program starts June 1st ( believe me, I triple checked with the advisor). Definitely a ton of stress off my back.

Now for my four in a row, brunch and some serious hormone shots! 

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Heather Jones said...

We loved watching Canyon and can't wait until we get to again!! hint.hint... I am so glad you felt good about your test! Good luck.