Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Foul balls and a 5k

My weekend....well it was GREAT! My family came up to spend it with us...they brought their own bed and everything. Really they were just giving us their unwanted futon and desk (which we are so grateful for by the way). They came up Friday afternoon...and at about 8pm we all headed to our Recreation Softball game.
This is where the magic happened.

Now to be perfectly honest I have been so nervous at these games. I'm just not as good at things as I had been before I had the baby. I begged our coach Chris Hall to put me in the most inconsequential position in slow pitch softball...the CATCHER. The game had been gong decently well and the other team was up to bat. The first hitter nicked the ball and sent it straight up in the air as a foul. I attempted to catch and fell into my glove.

I was pretty giddy.

The next batter took a swing at it and hit it foul again and...

PLOP...right into my glove. again...I was pretty ecstatic.

The third batter stepped to the plate.
***in my head: your luck is about to end one does that well in rec ball without paying high costs.

I was ready for a black eye or broken finger....

but instead I caught the third foul ball.

It may not sound as cool now but heck...I felt like a million bucks.
Too bad Gary Coleman died that night. Kinda stole the thunder there, Gary. That's ok...we'll miss him.

Saturday morning my mom and I hit the pavement as we ran in the Memorial Day 5k. I had to convince my mom to do it and in the end I think she was glad she did. She won first in her age group...let's be honest...SHE ROCKED!

The rest of the weekend was just great and on Monday the gals and the guys went separate ways. My mom and I watched the kiddos while our hubby's went to see Prince of Persia. Then, the hubby's took the kids home so we could do the shopping that Bethanie would not allow:)

All in all we wish my family would hours due north of their current location but for now we'll have to just get by on weekend visits. We sure love you, Russell Family. Thanks for all you do!

How was your memorial day weekend?


The Halls said...

I wish I was there to see all 3 outs by you in 1 inning that is awesome!!! A 5K way to go girl!

Kristin said...

wow! Nice job with the Catcher! What league are you playing in? I'm in Orem. It would be way fun if we ran in to each other! And thanks for coming up and saying hi at Target last night. It was great to see you. Can we plan something soon? Like, idk, potluck dinner/games? Pick a Sunday, any Sunday :)