Monday, June 28, 2010

To dive or not to dive? What do you think?

I love boutiques. Rachel and I can't help but go as often as our busy schedules will permit. In the past year or so I've taken to doing crafts and I thoroughly enjoy it. A talent I inherited from my mother no doubt. A few projects have become something I do often as gifts and such. As Rachel and I browse boutiques I find we always start talking about how I should try out being a vendor.

I've been toying with the idea but I keep pausing to let my insecurities take over. I want so bad to make something of myself but is what I have to offer worth selling? Would something made by Bailee really brighten someone's day or is it merely a dream?

Zach agrees with Rachel, he fully supports me in building a product line and testing it out at several boutiques here in Utah county.

So with the support of my husband should I take the dive? Bite the bullet? Do whatever crazy thing necessary to make a little part of my dreams come true, or should I just be satisfied with giving gifts?


Amanda said...

Take the Plunge...and swim like mad!! You would be AWESOME!!!

Kristin said...

go for it Bailee! Make a plan, set deadlines for yourself, and just do it! If you need help with advertising/graphics materials, let me know!

Stacey said...

I say for sure do it but do your research on the market first. Make sure you know how much of what you'll be doing will be the business stressful stuff and how much will be the fun crafty stuff. Make sure you don't take a hobby you love and turn it into a task you dread!

Danica said...

You are so talented I know you could make something amazing and be really sucsessful. However, every friend I know who does crafts and sells them is so burt out. The money they get for all of the time spent is usually around $3-$4 an hour. So you really have to do it for the love of crafting and not for making money. I also worry about you over booking yourself when Canyon really needs you right now. You say you really want to make something of yourself but you have. You are such an amazing, cute mother and no other success could be as important as that. Just food for thought. Love you!

Heather Jones said...

I say, GO FOR IT!!! You're so talented and you will do well!