Sunday, June 20, 2010

My daddy

So I was going to write down all things my life would be missing if my dad wasn't a part of it...but that would take an eternity. I love my dad. I always have and that love grows with each passing year. To be honest...I can't really find the words to explain how much he means to me.There have been countless of moments where my dad has done every thing and more for me...but there was one that I couldn't get out of my head today. In November, when I was hospitalized with a 14 inch blood clot in the major vein of my left leg, I was scared. My dad had flown into Salt Lake the night they hospitalized me and came to the hospital to check in. I was in Labor & Delivery so they could closely monitor Canyon through the trauma and honestly I had never been so sick to my stomach with worry. Zach was taking 18 credits and working full time. I didn't want him to have to stay at the hospital that night and miss class or be tired at work. We needed the money. My dad volunteered to stay the night with me. I know he didn't get a lick of sleep. Nurses came into that tiny room almost every two hours and would turn every light on to take blood, give me pain killers and check levels. My sweet dad would just smile and lay his head back like it was no big deal. I don't think he knows how much him staying meant to me. With doctors unsure of what would happen, I had my dad there to give me a priesthood blessing and to talk to. Thanks, daddy.

As I've started my own family, I've found that people mean more and more to me. I can't express my gratitude for all of those I love, including my husband; the "second" daddy in my life. He is the most amazing father to C and I am surprised each and every day by his love and compassion. Thanks, are great at everything you do and we love you so so so much.
I hope you had a great father's day and took the time to appreciate the little things in life that make it worth while. I sure found a reason to look at the spiritually strong men in my life and be thankful.


The Russell 4 said...

Your father is pretty special and I know he loves you more than life itself. He would do anything for you. love, MOM

Christina said...

pushing the "love" button here! You have an awesome family!

Danica said...

This made me cry, probably just because I love your Daddy so much too. He is one of my greatest people I know.

Heather Jones said...

How blessed you are to have two terrific daddy's in your life!