Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My severe lack of apparent sophistication

What comes to mind when someone starts talk about gourmet chocolate? Rich, decadently smooth heaven? Yeah, me too. So, naturally, as I read about a new gourmet chocolate shop in town, I had to try it. Zach and I stopped by to check it out yesterday and I'll be honest, I'm not sophisticated enough for gourmet.

The little shop opened adjacent to their factory in Orem. I was impressed with the atmosphere they pulled off and adored the hanging art. We walked in just in time for the taste testing/tour of the chocolates. We tasted the white chocolate and it was just as creamy and smooth as you could imagine...if only I liked white chocolate. He then had us tasting something like a truffle but not...We tasted all and the woman next to us liked it so much she was nearly dying and on her way to heaven. Zach turned to me to see if I wanted to purchase some and after looking at the prices I lead the way out the door.

The minute we got in the car Zach started to laugh at me! I guess he had seen through my carefully made mask and noticed I was on the verge of illness with every bite. I know it wasn't the quality, and I would recommend the shop to anyone who knows chocolate.I think the reason for my distaste was the samples were all dark chocolate. I've never been the dark chocolate connoisseur and I guess the higher quality doesn't change my taste for it.

As much as I would like to sit in a fancy hall in a nice dress and discuss the difference between Madagascar cocoa beans and those from Bali, I don't think that will happen until my taste buds take on the transformation of the century.

So for now I'll happily stick with my unsophisticated peanut butter twix.

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Heather Jones said...

Dark chocolate is my favorite!! The darker, the more chocolaty! It does taste very different than milk chocolate. Funny story ; )