Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reason #9: The Interrogation

Reason number nine was not always on my top ten reasons of why I love my mom. At one point of my existence it was nearly one of my least favorite attributes. It has now mosied it's way on up to the 9th reason my mom is the bomb.

She asks questions......A LOT of questions. More than the normal female. In the teenage years I'd get home from soccer practice and she'd start firing questions so fast my mind couldn't catch up. I didn't like it so much then. Things have changed and how nice is it to have someone to help analyze and bring in a new perspective because they ask so many darn questions from so many angles you can't help but think of it in another way. Man it's easier to solve problems or understand frustrating people when you can analyze the angles. Thanks mom for teaching me to be a thinker and ask's saved my bum a couple of times!

reason number eight will arrive later this evening...stay tuned!!!

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