Monday, May 9, 2011

I like my mom... A LOT!

This Mother's Day I didn't do my honorary mother's day tribute blog post thinga-ma-jig. It's been 4 years since I've been with my mom on Mother's Day and I'm starting to run out of ideas of ways to honor her...and all those other mommies that have had such and awesome impact on my life.

So I've finally decided (about a week late I know). I'm going to do a 10 day blog "series" on the reason's my mom is so fantabulous. (ps it's going to be in countdown the further I get the reasons will be juicier...which is not the right word to use but I'm stickin with it)

REASON #10 The other end of my cell phone

It all started when I was stressed in traffic getting to work. Yes, I should probably not drive and talk on the phone at the same time but I have yet to have enough self control to quit. My terrible habit of having to be early or at least on time to every little things makes being stuck in traffic really really really hard for me. So in an effort to calm down...I called my mom.

The tradition has grown so fast that now every time I'm driving by myself in the car, I call her. We talk about every little detail of our days and I love it. What better way to spend time with a mom who is exactly 479 miles away (yes I just Google maps'ed it)

Thank you for listening, Mom. And thank you for telling me about all the cute things B does. It's hard not being there to see her grow up but getting to hear her voice (screaming and being adorable) over the phone everyday totally helps make up for lost time.

Good thing we have in-calling:)
sorry dad, you got to debut in the Mother's Day post:)
Stay tuned (at least my mom should) for Reason numero nueve.


Kadi said...

I'm so excited for the next 9 things! I love your mom too! I am going to start calling her when I am stuck in traffic! You're the best, as always, Bailee!

The Russell 4 said...

Love you, Kiddo. I just discovered these posts. Thank you for the love. Please be kind, try not to embarass me too much while exposing my quirks.

The Russell 4 said...

Love you, Kiddo. Thank you for all the love. But do be kind while exposing my quirks. JK!