Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It seems to be the theme this summer. That and "behind".

So sixteen days late, full coverage of our 4th of July weekend.
Friday, Canyon and I got to spend the afternoon with the Davies family at the Lindon pool....loved it! The slides were just perfect for our little munchkins (with us going down too of course). I think Canyon's favorite was the lazy river.
Saturday, Zach and I had our own little BBQ and bought a few aerial fireworks to test out. (Now legal in Utah. I wonder if it's going to last:) Canyon loved the fireworks and was the only one to come home unscathed by the millions of feasting mosquitoes.

The morning of the 4th, I ran my first 10k in 66 minutes. Not quite my goal but I have another one on the 23rd and hopefully I'll hit my goal in that race!

That afternoon and evening we spent at Zach's grandparents. It was fun to play games and just relax. Canyon enjoyed playing with the uncles too!


McKenzie said...

Um, I totally missed this post. LOVE it. We are happy we're friends! :)

tHe StAiLeYs said...

Way to go Bailee! That is awesome! I cannot believe how big C is getting! So cute!