Friday, April 23, 2010

baby blubber

Pregnancy sure does a number on the figure. The first few weeks after delivery felt great because I was shedding the pounds but I'm now at a stand still.

I have but ten more pounds till I reach my pre-pregnancy weight and I can't seem to beat 'em away for good. I know I'm not huge, but I'm uncomfortable.

I was flitting through blogs when I found a cool idea. A bunch of ladies were team members of the blog and they all posted recipes and their weekly weigh-ins. How's that for and accountability & motivation.

I've made up my mind...I'm going to keep a food journal and track my progress on this very, my readers, are going to help me with that last little bit of motivation I need. If all this is annoying I'm sorry, but I know that to get to where I want to be I need the level of accountability I'll get by making my goal public.

My first 5k is in one week...I can do this!


Jessica said...

If you want to join the Healthy Road, I don't see why you couldn't :)

Connor said...

Go Bailee!

Christina said...

Way to go Bailee! Are you still nursing? I didn't lose my extra ten until I stopped nursing, then it came off. I guess I needed that little extra to keep up with milk production.

tammy lu said...

You can do it!

Julie Ann said...

Way to go! I will be here to cheer you on! This summer is going to be a great one for getting back into shape. Keep it up. I'm in the same boat...minus the baby :(

Akina's said...

you can do it bailey! i'll be here to support you! and you better be there to support me in just a couple weeks!! hope all is well! miss and love you guys!