Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

-Alpine school district had spring break this week, aka no work for Zach. He's been spending most of his time off doing homework but still...We've been eating dinner at a normal hour and enjoying an earlier curfew.
-Job hunting...a never ending process-Canyon=typical baby....cold for 4 weeks....over it for 1...back with another...woot woot. He's going to have an immune system of a champ by the time he reaches 10th grade!
-Homeless...yes were are officially homeless. Zach's family has been kind enough to let us bum a room off them until we figure out what's next for our little family...oh to be young.
-Summer: our summer plans haven't completely come together but I do know I'm going back to school. I'm all registered for classes and It looks like I'll be done someday:) it's happening...slowly but surely.-I have an interview with the Daily Herald tomorrow. Things are sounding pretty good over there so we'll keep you posted.
-We really enjoyed every last bit of general conference. It was especially wonderful for me as a new mother. I got a little (or a lot) from each talk that really focused me in on being a good mommy to my little man. Bring on trials and tribulations....we're ready to take it on.
So there you go...a little MUMBO JUMBO about what's going on it our quaint but crazy life. oh and a little shout out to my parents. They were kind enough to get us a memory foam mattress topper for our is WONDERFUL! I can't believe how well I sleep...even on the brink of homelessness. Thanks mom and dad!!! We love you!


tammy lu said...

YAY for no work! I always love time off even if school is still involved.

Good Luck with the job hunt. What exactly would you be doing for the Daily Herald?

And I loved Conference too. I learned so much and am so grateful that a lot of talks were geared towards moms and parents.

I am so jealous of the memory foam mattress topper. I have not been sleeping well, since hitting the beginning of my third trimester. Can I come take a nap at your house?

Zach and Bailee said...

Yes Yes you may. Really the last trimester is the worst when it comes to sleeping...if you guys have a little to spare we got ours at Sam's club for $90 and it's oh so worth it! I'll be writing on local events here in the valley! woot woot:)

Danica said...

Loved hearing an update. Godd luck with everything. Hope you find the perfect house for the perfect price soon! But glad you aren't jumping into a mistake. It is good to make sure you find the right thing. What a cute picture. He is looking so much bigger already!