Friday, April 16, 2010

Speedy Speedy

As most of you know Zach has his associates in drafting technology and is now working tirelessly on his bachelor's. Nevertheless his hard work doesn't come with out some fun and games. A recent assignment included SolidWorks design program, four wheels and a few requirements. A few weeks later a pretty sweet car was printed out of the 3D printer at UVU. This new mini mobile came home with Zach and was painted while watching General Conference. This week was race week. Zach took the car to class on Tuesday and came home a little discouraged. Some other racers had spent a little TOO much time designing their vehicles.

The race was held on Thursday. Canyon and I went out to cheer on daddy's car. To Zach's surprise, his car....WON! It beat out every car...even the Professor's!

Like I said....He's talented!


tammy lu said...

Way to go Zach! I wish I had that much fun at school!

Stacey said...

I'm confused... what makes the cars move

Danica said...

I too am curious about this printed car thing but anyhow very cool and very fun. I love seeing the men still be boys at heart. I'll have to show this to James as he just took first place in his pinewood derby race in Scouts. A very pround moment for James and his daddy!
p.s. I love chuncky babies. Canyon is darling!

taylor said...

Looks like fun! Gotta love those assignments that are actually entertaining every once in a while :)