Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Homeless to Homed...

Zach and I have been homed...not really a word, I know, but it felt fitting. Friday started with me begging Zach to go look at an apartment I had found on the one, the only, We had seen the complex posted many times before but never had much interest in it. Apartment complexes have lost their sweetness for Zach and I so he wasn't really all that interested.

In light of not having anything else to do before my interview he agreed.

We pulled in next to the clubhouse.

Zach: **Gives Bailee a look of disgust***
Bailee: **Looks around trying to find what ever he could be referring to. It couldn't have been the seventies style architecture where the roofing came midway down the side**
It's worth looking at.
Zach: Really? Fine

In the end I was able to drag him by his collar to the leasing office.

I liked it the minute she offered to show us the apartment in a golf cart.

As we drove through the large older complex, we started nearing the border where some newer buildings stood. I winked at Zach...he didn't see it.

To make this long story a tiny bit shorter I'll just say I have gloating rights for a little while.

The apartment is only $40 more than what we had been previously paying and it's quite a bit larger. We will be upgrading to 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Not to mention a patio, storage shed, laundry room and two linen closets!

The move in date is still up in the air...the previous tenants moved out yesterday and the manager will let us know on Monday when they'll have it ready for us. Blessing...I think so.

Did I mention they welcome our furry friend Bruce?


kobey1 said...

This sounds great. What city??

tammy lu said...

YAY!!! Fantastic! I am so excited for you guys!! I definitely want to come and see. Where did you find such an awesome find in Utah county?

Hilary said...

That is wonderful!!!! Where is it?

Heather Jones said...

Wow, what a blessing! Sounds nice and large and at a good price and amazing that they allow pets I am so happy for you and can't wait to see it!