Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just for Grandma D

My little man has been kickin kickin kickin. My poor mother has been listening to me talk about it all week and finally she asked if I would record it and post it. Here it is, Mom. For anyone willing to watch..the beginning is a little slow but about half way through he really starts to go! We love our little chubs!

Think he'll follow in our footsteps and play soccer? We sure hope so!!


Trinity said...

He is HUGE!

The Russell 4 said...

Thank you. I love his little chunky legs. Grandma D loves that little man. Give him lots of kisses for the Bea girl and me.

Kadi said...

We think Bailee's sound effects are the best part!
Kadi and Ali

tammy lu said...

Haha! I love it! It's like he is doing his lower ab work out at the beginning. Up, down, up, down. He is so cute, I LOVE how chubby he is!