Sunday, April 11, 2010

hefty hefty hefty

I had an interesting encounter with the scale this evening. I made up my mind to see what Canyon now weighs. We went to the upstairs bathroom where I figured I'd weigh the two of us and then set him down to weigh myself. I would then use my many years of math experience to find his current weight while ignoring my own.
3 errors later I got a reading...of 299.8 lbs. hmph... (digital reading mind you)

I set the baby down and tried again....140.8 lbs...(you are welcome to forget that number)

Grabbed baby, resumed position....154 lbs

Yes, at 11 weeks old my chunker is a whoppin' 13.2 lbs!


Bret said...

I love it! I love his chubby cheeks! I love his double chin! He is too adorable!

tammy lu said...

Haha! I just realized I was signed in as Bret! :)

The Russell 4 said...

He reminds me of someone I knew who was fluffy too at his age. hmm I wonder who?!

Love ya

Janae Walker said...

such a cutie! i love little hefty babies :) if i remember correctly you were quite the hefty little baby :)

Janae Walker said...
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