Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tres Meses!!

The little Chunk a Munk is three months old...and wearing six month clothing...he is my son. Here's a little comparison for the entertainment of you my dear readers.

Canyon(^) Bailee (v)

Ok so he's not as HUGE as I was but he's getting there...poor kid
Canyon at 3 months is:
*Holding his head steady
*kickin up a storm
*Laughing, smiling and cooing
*Sucking on not just the paci and the thumb but the WHOLE fist
*Trying the roll over. He's oh so close. We tend to cheer him on and then he stops because he's not sure why we're making all the ruckus.
*Reaching for toys if they're hanging above him. Sometimes he focuses so hard.
*Sleeping through the night (I know this is HUGE but I didn't want to give away my excitement by listing it first)
*Looking at books
*Being a daddy's boy
*Enjoying the summer!


tammy lu said...

He is perfect! And getting fed pretty good there too. I love his chunkiness! YAY on sleeping through the night. I bet you REALLY appreciate that one. I can only pray that Jack will be doing the same thing! I am so going to miss this little guy! There are times I wish we were staying so that these guys could be good friends! Guess you guys will have to come to FL and we will have to come out here more!

Heather Jones said...

I am so glad he is sleeping through the night! He is a cute little guy!