Thursday, August 4, 2011

A wee bit emotional

I love change, it's great really, but lately I'm having a hard time with it. Last week Rachel left on an LDS mission. In two weeks, Jess is moving to Texas and then heading out on her mission. I love these girls and I'm having a hard time letting two of my favorite people go. Boy howdy I need to toughen up!

Want more emotion?

I was driving through a neighborhood on my way to work this morning and this sweet old man was taking a stroll. He was wearing a WWII vet. cap and a Nauvoo t-shirt under his suspenders. He had the sweetest grin on his face as he wiped his brow with the only arm he had left. I couldn't hold it in. I am so grateful for the service that brave men gave and are still living with everyday. Have I ever sacrificed something so dear to me for someone else? Not like that.

So, If you are uncomfortable around tears you may want to steer clear of our house for a time...I can't help it! (Zach you are not included, you get to come home either way;)


Five Men and a Little Lady said...

You are wonderful, and just a sweetheart! I love the tears. I don't want you to be sad though! What can I do?

Kadi said...

Crying shows you have a heart and yours is sentimental and kind and caring and full of love. That is nothing to be ashamed of.