Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A mini tribute

I am a lucky, lucky person. I say this for many reasons but mainly because of all the amazing people I have in my life. I want to do a little mini tribute to my sweet husband.

He is just...I can't even explain it. Patient. I am not always the best wife, mother or best friend but some how he's still patient and kind to me.

The man is working two jobs and going to school full time and has not had one vacation this summer. He is a trooper. I wish I had the money to send us off on a little vacation far away from Utah, but that'll have to wait.

This is going to be a picture-full post so enjoy!

This is the first picture Zach and I were ever in together. That night we went laser tagging and he was such a cutie. I loved how competitive he was!

Zach loves to play. Especially when his friends are around. Whether it's softball, soccer, basketball or golf, he'll play and play. I think some of my favorite times have been 6 months pregnant playing coed softball with my sweetie! We really need to get a new team together since almost all of the couples on our previous team moved away!

Zach is fantastic at planning. He makes sure that everything is timed right and it's place. The above picture is the two of us in Mazatlan, Mexico. He took me on a cruise for our 2nd anniversary and it was just so perfect! said

Yes people, we have a Ute fan on our hands! (and secretly I love it!)

I can't talk about Zach without mentioning his 2nd best pal (canyon being the 1st). Zach takes such good care of us all, especially Bruce. He makes sure Bruce is happy and healthy and well exercised!

Z, I love your guts!


Andy and Sara said...

Very sweet Bailee!

Heather Jones said...

Love all three of you!! What a sweet family you have, Bailee!