Monday, August 22, 2011

Zach called it...

We got Bruce when he was 8 weeks old back in 2009. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant with C (this story is funny...I think). I wasn't sure I was ready to raise a puppy AND a little man. After Bruce's "man surgery" he had some issues with potty training and would poop all over the apartment. I tell you what...looking back it seems that's all I ever did...clean up poop. One day I was complaining to Zach about it and he asked me what I thought it was going to be like having kids.

I obviously told him that at least I wouldn't be cleaning their poop out of my carpet. He laughed at me.

This afternoon Zach dropped C off at my office on his way to work and I asked him how their morning had gone. And I quote, "Great, except for when I went to check on C playing in his room he had taken off his pants AND his diaper and pooped all over the carpet."


The best part, it happened while Zach was with him. I'm pretty sure that it was supposed to happen while I was home.

Man I love my boys...even the Bruce kind.


corieanne7 said...

HAHAHA thats great that it happened to HIM! Bailee you have the cutest blog and cutest little family... I miss you guys! We all need to get together sometime when we are all in the same area! Love you girl- and ps- you are beautiful!

The McGowans said...

I'd like you either invite us over to hang out.. OR post a picture of this bruce i hear about.. I wanna see how big he is! ha =))

Janine said...

that's awesome! Gotta love boys, of all ages and species. P.S. saw the photo of C with Superman shirt and cape. Wanted to squeeze that cuteness so badly!